Monday, 16 December 2013

Chasity's Netbook Reflection 2013

This year I have learnt so much about Netbooks and Manaiakalani. Our Teacher Provided us with a netbook reflection Presentation that we had to complete. 

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

My Highlight from this year...

What was the key highlight for you this year?Why?

The key highlight from this year was learning about being an Adolescent. This was because I got to learn more on how to be an adolescent and What being an adolescent is.

Another Highlight from this year was enjoying the freedom and sharing my laughter with friends that care for me.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The Worlds Greatest... Unpacking the lyrics and Verses

The World’s Greatest by R.Kelly

WALT use our analysing skills.

Success Criteria:
I can...

Part of the song
What is the main idea(s) in this part of the song?
Give an example from the text that supports this idea.
Give another example from the text that supports this idea.
Express your viewpoint by synthesising what you have analysed.
-Do you agree with this part of the song? Why/why not?
Verse 1
The main idea in the first verse is I am me.
Oh, I am a vision
And I can can see clearly.
If anybody asks you who I am, just stand up tall look em in the face and say.

I agree that we all see yourself in the future, and don’t let anyone judge you for your appearance.
The chorus main idea is about believing in yourself and being your own strength.
“I’m that little bit of hope when my backs against the rope”
“Hey,I made it I’m the worlds greatest”
I agree that we all have to be our own strength because if our strength is with someone else what would happen to us when we need it.So by seeing ourselves as unique things we can support ourselves.
Verse 2
The main idea in the second verse is I am who I am
“I am a giant,
I am an eagle
I am a lion down in the jungle..”
“If anybody asks look ‘em in the face and say..”
Yes I agree. This is because it explains who he is and gaining strength to stand up for yourself no matter what others say.
Verse 3
Striving to achieve and love all that is around you
“In the ring of life, I’ll reign love”
“use a success you’ll find in me”
I agree because it defines the pain that people sacrifice to strive to achieve what they wanted and that they’ll share the world with love.
Verse 4

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Friends there Till the end....

Friends Till The End
Friends are all I need,
Always by my side,
For they are my special bead,
Wearing our school colours in pride,
Friendship is about love and Care that we shall Cherish
for all eternity,
I Try all that a friend can do,
To make their dreams come true.
A friend is a Friend,
They’re a gift from god
They are the steps to your future,
Leading you through good times and Bad times
A friend is someone who stays there till the end...
No Matter WHAT

By: Chasity H.

What Factors Contribute to Decision Making?

This is a brainstorm we have created analysing our thinking on a text we read.

Tic~Tac~Toe - Note Taking Sheet....

For Reading today... Our group Chapter 7 had to analyse our thinking on a text we read called 'War in Waihi'.... We used a Tic~Tac~Toe note taking sheet analysing the main events that took place in this text. 

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

FInders Keepers

Sometimes you lose stuff and gain stuff but at the end of the day its is important to take care of your belongings or else it will be the finders keepers game.


T.P.S - Movie Trailer

Click play to view the trailer of the movies our school have made for the Manaiakalani Film Festival this year. 


Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Procedural Text; How to make a Purerehua

Today in Room 4, my partner was Coralee. We made a procedural text on How to make a Purerehua.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Guy Fawkes Night.... (Fireworks)!!!

Today is Guy Fawkes Night. I wanted to celebrate it by making a Google Presentation about it. A song is also included in this, But you need to go on Full screen.

Friday, 1 November 2013

Tic - Tac - Toe Note taking sheet

This week we have been reading the My name is Mina.... We did a note taking sheet to explain the main events.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Drift poem - By Denis Glover

Drift by Denis Glover -

What are some features we can see in the poem? Use words and quotes from the poem to support your answer...  
The feature in this poem is rhym. For example: “Drift, drift upon the beach, Dead Mans Bay and dead mans beach. The pattern it goes in is AABB

What is the author’s purpose of the poem?
The author’s purpose is to raise awareness that driftwoods are pieces of solid log that travel around numerous places. Though they do not choose the path they are on because it is chosen for them by which why the world is pointing or where the storm is headed. Sometimes you need to choose your own pathway instead of other people directing you where to go. It’s not about how you do it, It’s about where you’re going in life.  

What are the key ideas in the poem?
The key idea in this poem is to follow your own pathway and to never let others push you back to the start, Which also means to never trust people that walk you through the wrong pathway.

Why do you think these are the key ideas?
“May drive them to the indifferent shore” Which means you can go wherever you want in life  without anyone telling you where to go.

How does the poem make you feel?
I love freedom because it makes me want to go anywhere in life not listening to anyone in the world, telling me where to go when I can just go anywhere I want. Walking through the correct pathway instead of the wrong path.

Why does it make you feel this way?
Because  I freedom and with poem being about drift wood and how it moves around you can discover new things and doorways to different lives.

How does the image in the poem support the way the poem makes your feel?
The driftwood drifting through the water and the water can lead you to many places even to  you dreams and hopes and beliefs. It’s a drifting wood drifting through freedom.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


This is a brainstorm of what 'Integrity' is. There is also a definition for what 'Integrity' means. Please enjoy and I hope you leave comments.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Venn Diagram

In class today we learnt about out inquiry topic "Rhythm, Rap and rhyme, Creating peaceful time".

Spelling For Today....

The Rhythm of a Beat

I rode my bicycle to school

The Enunciation was correct

We learnt Statistics for Maths

The state of not being guilty for a crime

A place where you bury Relatives

Caprice used the correct Pronunciation

I used onomatopoeia to describe a word

The act of moving along or forward

To make a firm decision

Humanity are almost dead

The cake was Scrumptious

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Going to the Mall with my family (Bad EXPERIENCE)

In the holidays I went to Sylvia park mall with my family. It was seriously a bad Experience with all the Chaos that was going around. I hope you do enjoy my description writing... Please leave a comment;)

As I look through the window of the store seeing many clothing and accessories (Including my reflection) I see strangers walking around talking to their peers around them, minding their own business as a matter of fact. My Mum and dad, younger siblings stand around me glimpsing at what I am looking at. I turn around not noticing they have already left me behind (If only I could fly) The scent of food already filling my mind. Me, my Family and I enter ‘The Warehouse’..... ‘30 Percent off clothing’ it say’s on the sign.

The voice of my brother convincing my mum to buy him an Xbox 360 game, I can already see the redness in her eye’s. My mum sleepy and tired, argued with my dad not noticing everyone in the store was listening to what they were saying. I couldn't believe how humiliated I was. My mouth watering with hunger as the smell of spicy hot butter chicken filled the air.

I could taste burger king as we entered the food court, Everyone munching on their pieces of chicken or whatever they were eating. Tasting the fresh but suffocating air as I opened my mouth to take a bite of my cheese burger.Taking one last bite as all my food was finished. My family still eating.... While I’m sitting there in silent mode waiting for them to finish.

As soon as my Family finish, we head off. Up the escalators feeling dizzy as ever. My mum starts up the Car, hearing the engine as it warms up. The foot hits the petal and we now head home.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

The boy in the striped Pyjamas Venn Digram

This is my Venn diagram . I am comparing 'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' Novel and the movie. 

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

My Hero Description - Who is my Hero???

Hero Description

My Hero...

My hero is my nan! Why? Because she is always there to protect me no matter how old I get. She is the stars shining at night, watching over me as I sleep. My nan is my hero  because she saves me from the bad things that i deal with through my life experiences, just being a shoulder to cry on helps me through tough times. She is a hard working grandmother and a great grandmother who cares for her family. She inspires me to do anything in the world and tells me I can be anyone and achieve anything I want to in life. Without my nan I wouldn't be on this earth in the first place.

This term we have been reading the novel 'T\he boy in the striped pyjama's'. We have done a novel study on it. I hope you enjoy.

The boy in the striped Pyjama's Chapters 17 - 20

This term we have been reading a book called 'The boy with the striped pyjamas'. We had to complete the novel study. Here is mine and hope you enjoy.

Monday, 23 September 2013

What makes a good literacy Program

We have been learning about 'Literacy'. Our main focus was 'What makes a good literacy program?'

Friday, 20 September 2013

Thursday, 19 September 2013

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas Chapter 5-8

This is my second presentation about my novel study on 'The boy in the striped pyjamas'.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

The Boy in the striped Pyjamas Chapters 1-4

'The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas' We have finished reading the novel. Our class had to do a novel study about it chapters 1-4 all the way to chapter 22 or 24.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Define the word Emotions

I have made a presentation defining the word 'Emotion'. I have also put in examples of many emotions. So I hope you enjoy watching. 

Today's Journey

today was an awesome day.... Why? because our reliever 'Mr Pillay' taught us many different things. He taught us about 'thinking positive', he told us stories that related to the subject 'thinking positive'. Whenever we would finish our work he would give us brain break AKA Free time. But.... there is a but, We totally Miss Ms Aireen!

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

A Big Congratulation to the yr 7 & 8's for coming first in rippa rugby & rugby

This is for the Year 7 & 8's for coming first..... in the rippa rugby & also rugby (Forgot to add that)

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Market...

Last week we did a T3 Writing assessment. We were given a picture and were demanded to write a description about it, by using our 5 senses (See, feel, Smell,Touch and Hear) This is my writing Assessment I did last week.

The Market....

Time is passing, 9:21 it Say's on my watch the markets finish at 12:00. I rush around trying to find some descent food to eat. My Temperature is rising. I don't even know where I'm going because there are so many food stores to look at.I am a victim of the sun, getting burnt by their beaming rays. My nose is attracted by a wonderful scent, Oh if I knew where it came from. Birds chirping their sweet melody making me want fall asleep.

Nearly half of the stores are closed, I haven't got any food yet. I see a sign which said "Muscle Fritters" Feeling the dribble coming down my chin with hunger. I know I shouldn't buy it but I have too. looking over to the other side, seeing teenagers like me. Munching on hot chips. Children eating Cinnamon doughnuts, watching the left over crumbs fall onto their clothes.

Butterflies bouncing on blue blossoms, How wonderful is that! I sit down into a chair. Feeling cold as ever. Makes me want to shiver a bit. Sniffing the beautiful fresh air and the nice smell of food. I check my watch again the time is 10:50. Ten more minutes to go.

I can hear people talking, talking about How wonderful their day was. Me and my friends all bunch in as a group looking around for some drinks and food. Touching each other. Telling one another to go there or anywhere. Times up! all stores are closing now. Now it's time for us to go.  

Bubble Map

I imagined that I did something bad. I used a bubble map showing the consequences I should get if I got into trouble or did a bad thing. 

Monday, 2 September 2013

Walking Between The Twin Towers

Walking Between The Twin Towers
Releasing his foot from the edge of the building. His leg reaches across hoping he won’t fall. Philippe Petit walking in nervousness, His stomach turning inside out. Holding his balancing stick, he walks a couple of steps across the wire. Philippe looks over towards the other side. His friends looking towards him as well.
“Is this the last time I’ll ever see them?” Philippe thought. This thought then faded away as Philippe Petit noticed that tiny ant liked people were watching him.

He took two more steps north almost towards the end. He looked around, looking at an air plane soaring through the air. Two of his friends (Almost sweating to death). Philippe almost there,
“Just two more steps left.” Philippe spoke to himself, Happy with joy. People staring at him with their mouths in a shape of an O, staring at him with fear. Philippe almost there only needs like one more step until he is finished, to my calculation. He leaped off the wire with relief, jumping up and down with happiness. His friends were as relieved as he was. Philippe turned around looking at an officer with cuffs in his hands. “You are under arrest.” The young officer said. Philippe followed the officer into the police car and off he went to court.

Thursday, 29 August 2013

Today's Senior Disco

Today at 1:00 (Lunch time) our senior syndicate had a disco in the hall, A fundraiser for our Year 8 camp. We danced all lunchtime and even had popcorn with drinks. It was an awesome lunchtime. Me and my friends boogied to many songs and sang at the same time, We even made up our own words because half of the time we didn't know them. The whole Senior Syndicate had a dance battle, That was so funny. Myself had a great time and I know the others including the teachers had a great time. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Acrostic Poem about a Sun

This is another acrostic poem that I have made. This acrostic poem is about the sun. I hope you enjoy, Please leave comments and feedback. Thanks


S - sun
U - unfortunately hot but,
N - never seen at night

My Description

Looking outside, What do I see?

Sitting down on my seat looking out towards the window. I can see cars passing by screeching their brakes trying to stop. Crickets making a noise warning humans night is here. Darkness covers our house letting us know it’s time to go to bed. I wonder what my friends are doing now? I see my reflection in the window, waving at myself. Neighbours waving at me saying hello and then going into their houses, enjoying their family love. I look away and then look back.

It’s too dark to see anything. But I can still see the city lights. My face presses against the window. I can still see the wet patches of condensation from awhile ago. My nan still doing the housework while i’m mucking around. I feel so guilty now, but honestly I can’t stop looking outside because of the beautiful view of the city.

I can hear my cousin screaming, screaming for attention. I can also hear my brother and younger sister yelling at each other because their both losing at a game.

swinging on my chair as I look outside, hoping I won’t get a telling off. I can’t stop laughing because a hilarious man passes by in his car yelling at a man across the road from him. “He seriously has some issues.” I say to myself. I can hear my nan in the background telling me to hurry up and get to bed. Oh well time to go, See you!

How Night Came

How Night Came

Now before there was night,
There was only light-
And this is the story
Of how darkness came.

During the day, the sun shone and in the evening along came the moon so bright that it was light all the time. - Problem

God called the bat and gave him a basket tied up tight. Bat was told to fly to the moon with the basket. So bat set out, but the journey was long and the journey hard. In the end bat became so tired, he had to stop and rest. - Task

While bat slept, some other creatures came along. Curious about the content of the basket they approached. Some say it was the coyote but I don’t know the truth... any ways, one of them opened the basket just in case there was something good to eat inside. - Others interfering

Too late- out leapt the darkness. - The dilemma

You can imagine the animals’ surprise. One moment it was quite bright and the next moment it was pitch dark. They all stared up at the moon, grateful for its thin, silvery light. - Result

Ever since then, poor old bat has had to sleep all day because at night he is too busy frantically fluttering about, still trying to catch the darkness to take it to the moon. - Ending

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Acrostic Poem - Winter

W - winter is cold
I -  ice is slippery
N - nothing is hot
T - the weather is cold
E - everything you touch is cold
R - really really cold

By Chasity

Hello, These are one of my Acrostic poems that I have created. I wanted to share to my blog because I just wanted to. So I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment.