Wednesday, 31 July 2013

My reading goal for term 3 - Go Animate!

This is another Go animate animation but this time based on my reading goals for this term. 
I have made another Go animate to express my maths goal to you guys. I hope you enjoy watching. Thanks!

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My poem - Roses are Red...

Roses a red 
Violets are blue
This kiss is for you

This is a poem I have created by myself and It is very short but it was worth it. Please leave a comment

My learning Goals for Term 3

My Learning Goals for Term 3:
My Reading goal is to...
Understand the language differences of written communication and dialogue within or between texts.

My Writing goal is to ...
Focus on using different language features to help move up a level in my writing

My Maths goal is to ...
learn my times tables from 2 - 12 so that I can answer math equations quicker that I do now

My personal goal is to ...

Co-operate in different sport events that occur in our school area so that I can gain more confidence in my sports.

Go Animate! Video - My Personal Goal

This is a new website I have learnt during class time. This Go Animate animation is going to be about my personal goal. So be prepared to watch this. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Chasity's Synonyms Presentation

This is my Google Presentation about Synonyms. We have been learning about Synonyms for  Reason. I hope you enjoy what I have created. Please leave comments. Thanks!!!!!

My Critical Inquiry Reflection

My Critical Inquiry Reflection:

(So that you know this is a critical thinking Photo and not a weird Photo.)

This term I have learnt many things from the past topics we have studied. I have learnt that becoming an adolescent means you are going into a young teenager stage. From the Inquiry topic that we have been studying  for last 3 months is ‘Rubbish in our school’, I have learnt that plastic bags cannot be recycled in New Zealand because our country does not have the machinery to recycle these kinds of products. Another thing I have learnt from this Term was learning about an experiment we did called ‘Soda Pop.’ From this experiment I have learnt that if you pour a balloon full of salt into the soda bottle, the acid inside the soda will fizz up into the balloon and the balloon will rise because of the acid that is entering it.

What effect does the rubbish I produce have on the environment?
The rubbish that I produce happens in the environment as well. This affects the environment because people around the community can catch a disease from the waste which will mean they will pass it on to other people around them. Also rats and mice can be attracted to the rubbish that I have produced and this will also mean them getting at the waste and creating more diseases around our environment.  

How can we motivate ourselves and others to be responsible for our waste?
To help us motivate ourselves and others to be responsible for our waste is that I think we should encourage ourselves and others to throw their litter in the rubbish bin and this will mean students will also do this process and if our school also does this process I think our school will become a clean and green environment for visitors and also ourselves.

How can we reduce the amount of money TPS spends on waste removal?

We could spend less on waste removal and actually reduce the waste we have created into reusable material. We could also save the amount of money we have used to pay for waste removal and use it for important stuff like school equipment and sport things.  

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Our Inquiry Research Project - Term 2 WK:10

This a presentation me and my group worked on for the past 3 weeks or 2. We worked hard on it to try and make it interesting for when it was time to present. Our group was about Paper and how paper is recycled it was also based on our inquiry topic for this term 'Rubbish In Our School'. I hope you enjoy watching our presentation. Please leave comments.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Grand Canyon Tightrope Walker

The Grand Canyon Tightrope Walker:
My heart ached with fear as nerves rushed up my spine. I feel a genuine rushing through my body like a lightning bolt as I take a few more steps. I shake my head trying to concentrate. My mind targets death, it is literally 1000 times worse. My blood rushes through my veins as goose bumps pop up all over my body. I can hear the voices of my fellow family members saying a prayer, asking in the hands of god to let me live.

The rhythm of the wind tries to blow me over but I keep my balance. Now there was no point of regretting now. I kept on walking. I was nearly there. My body shivers with fear as I walk a few more steps. I look over to the other side my family still praying.I couldn't Imagine how my family would feel if I died right here, I don’t but I do know that they would miss me from the moon and back a million times more.

My body wobbles a bit and this is when it gets freaky. I keep hold of the stick that I'm holding in front of me. My mother is crying I can hear from half way, She has tears of fears hoping I won’t. My children have their eye’s closed because they’re devastated that their father might die.

I’m nearly there, just a few steps more. I take a run and leap off to land. I run up to my family who are relieved i’m still alive. My wife comes up to me and gives me a relieving hug just to say your here and not dead. I can hear my brother whispering in my “You've done it.” I take a bow and head off.

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Narrative - It was the strangest thing I have ever seen....

Name: Chasity

My eye’s grew bigger looking into this creature's dark brown eye’s. It was the strangest thing I had ever seen. It gave me a straight look with it’s grassy green face. His hand came up slowly waiting for me to shake it. I couldn't because I was too frightened. My mind was fuzzy, I couldn't think properly. I took out my hand to shake the creatures hand but my hand pulled back. The creature looked at me as though he was gonna say something but he didn't.

I couldn’t look at it for once. My eye’s slowly drifted to the street. I ran as fast as I could. I looked back, looking at nothing but trees. There was no sight of the mysterious creature. My house was up ahead I ran faster than I usually did. The front door of my house was open. My Body crept inside leaving muddy footprints. I slammed the door at the back of me not knowing my mother and  father were still asleep.
Mum came down the stairs with panic written all over her face. “Are you alright Joshy. What happened? Where were you?” Mum asked
“I’m alright, I was at the park playing.” I answered.
“Go and have a shower, you have mud all over you and sweat all over your face.” Mum said.
I went into the bathroom closing the door behind me. My hand reached up to turn on the shower. Splash, Splash went the water entering the bathtub. I put my hand underneath the water feeling if it was hot, cold or warm.

I got into the shower and wet my hair. I could feel the water trickling down my back as I wet my hair. “la la la la la la” I almost slipped trying to groove as I sang.
“Son are you almost finished!” My mum yelled from the other room.
“Yes! Why?” I questioned.
“I need to use the Wharepaku (Toilet), Quick!” She shouted.

My legs dripped with water. I dried my body off with the towel just leaving my hair wet. MY legs slipped into a pair of pants and My arms got into a T - shirt.
I ran down stairs and put my dirty muddy shoes on. “Where are you going Joshy?” Mum asked
“I’m going to Nicks House.” I replied
But I actually wasn’t, I walked over to the forest retracing my steps. I ran up and down all around to look for the grassy green creature I saw a while ago. Mist rose from the ground and that meant you couldn’t see where you were going. Now this was a problem because I didn't know who was calling me and who it was.

I walked straight ahead seeing if I would walk into the mysterious voice. I couldn't feel anything but bark and wood. I felt a hand tug my arm. It pulled me. I screamed “AHHHHHHH!” A hand covered my mouth so that no one would hear me.
“Who are you? Where are you taking me? Do I know you? Where do you live?......”
“Ummmm.... and could you be quiet!” The creature Interrupted.
“Hey you couldn't even hear me in the first place and you still can’t now!” I mumbled.
But the creature could only hear babyish words. He still dragged me by the arm. “Gosh your heavy,” The creature said.
“I know you are but what am I?” I childishly said.
“Hey you better stop..........” “Or what?”I said “Or, or, or yeah I’ve got nothing to say.” The creature spoke.

He stopped. “Okay if you stop talking I’ll let you go home, If you don’t then your dead meat!” The man yelled.
I kept quiet and finally he let me go. I ran off poking tongues and spitting in his face. He didn't chase after me because he was so tired. I ended up telling my mum and dad as soon as I got home, But guess what they didn’t care at all. They had their eye’s too busy looking at the T.V instead of listening to me talking. Disrespectful! I say.