Thursday, 29 August 2013

Today's Senior Disco

Today at 1:00 (Lunch time) our senior syndicate had a disco in the hall, A fundraiser for our Year 8 camp. We danced all lunchtime and even had popcorn with drinks. It was an awesome lunchtime. Me and my friends boogied to many songs and sang at the same time, We even made up our own words because half of the time we didn't know them. The whole Senior Syndicate had a dance battle, That was so funny. Myself had a great time and I know the others including the teachers had a great time. 

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Acrostic Poem about a Sun

This is another acrostic poem that I have made. This acrostic poem is about the sun. I hope you enjoy, Please leave comments and feedback. Thanks


S - sun
U - unfortunately hot but,
N - never seen at night

My Description

Looking outside, What do I see?

Sitting down on my seat looking out towards the window. I can see cars passing by screeching their brakes trying to stop. Crickets making a noise warning humans night is here. Darkness covers our house letting us know it’s time to go to bed. I wonder what my friends are doing now? I see my reflection in the window, waving at myself. Neighbours waving at me saying hello and then going into their houses, enjoying their family love. I look away and then look back.

It’s too dark to see anything. But I can still see the city lights. My face presses against the window. I can still see the wet patches of condensation from awhile ago. My nan still doing the housework while i’m mucking around. I feel so guilty now, but honestly I can’t stop looking outside because of the beautiful view of the city.

I can hear my cousin screaming, screaming for attention. I can also hear my brother and younger sister yelling at each other because their both losing at a game.

swinging on my chair as I look outside, hoping I won’t get a telling off. I can’t stop laughing because a hilarious man passes by in his car yelling at a man across the road from him. “He seriously has some issues.” I say to myself. I can hear my nan in the background telling me to hurry up and get to bed. Oh well time to go, See you!

How Night Came

How Night Came

Now before there was night,
There was only light-
And this is the story
Of how darkness came.

During the day, the sun shone and in the evening along came the moon so bright that it was light all the time. - Problem

God called the bat and gave him a basket tied up tight. Bat was told to fly to the moon with the basket. So bat set out, but the journey was long and the journey hard. In the end bat became so tired, he had to stop and rest. - Task

While bat slept, some other creatures came along. Curious about the content of the basket they approached. Some say it was the coyote but I don’t know the truth... any ways, one of them opened the basket just in case there was something good to eat inside. - Others interfering

Too late- out leapt the darkness. - The dilemma

You can imagine the animals’ surprise. One moment it was quite bright and the next moment it was pitch dark. They all stared up at the moon, grateful for its thin, silvery light. - Result

Ever since then, poor old bat has had to sleep all day because at night he is too busy frantically fluttering about, still trying to catch the darkness to take it to the moon. - Ending

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

My Acrostic Poem - Winter

W - winter is cold
I -  ice is slippery
N - nothing is hot
T - the weather is cold
E - everything you touch is cold
R - really really cold

By Chasity

Hello, These are one of my Acrostic poems that I have created. I wanted to share to my blog because I just wanted to. So I hope you enjoy. Please leave a comment.

Descriptive writing - The circus

The Circus
blood flows through my veins up my spine and the cycle starts all over again. Four of us wait for the applause to stop, then the instructor A.K.A - Trainer graves his whip and instructs us to walk over towards the audience and make a loud noise (Which means in my calculation. Blowing their heads off.) I take a deep breath, hoping I won’t die. I let out a big noise. Children cover the ears because of loud surroundings booming in their head. I have five more..... wait two... no wait...... no seconds left. “Times Up!” A voice spoke.

I could feel the cold icy air tremble up my spine, (Even though I don’t have one). The four of us did many tricks to entertain the audience. I feel a painful pain on my left side, from one of those hard slaps from the trainers, telling me to hurry up. (Well it’s obvious that they're telling me to hurry because I'm too slow for their speed.) I think to myself: Well guess I ain't going to go faster because this is as fast as I can.

The other three elephants do many tricks, I can see them struggling through half of them, while I'm doing the best I can. The taste of candy floss in the air wanting me to just take a few bites of it. But no, I can’t muck around now because the show is almost over and I don’t want to lose my chance in being in the circus with many other animals.

I can see the instructor giving a fearful look, as if he is the boss, but he isn't. I carry on and look over the other side.The other elephants look as though they’re going to go to sleep. The instructor instructs us to sit down on the chairs, that were provided for us. The audience applause.

Now the show has ended, I can now sit down and relax.

Today we were given photos. We had the oppotunity to choose our own picture instead of the teacher to write about. This was a practise for tomorrows real writng test (Descriptive)

My Ancestral Poem

My Ancient Ancestors
I am a young Maori girl., I come from Ngapuhi, a strong Maori tribe.
I am a daughter, a sister, a cousin, I am me.

My Maori warriors are survivors defending the land that I live on from terrible raids.
They speak of who they are and peace to their land.
We are the Tangata Whenua of  Aotearoa.
My Tipuna are the caretakers of this country.

Our drums echo like ancestral heartbeats, beating as one.
They are the blood of my veins woven strongly like a Kete.
The karanga is my ancient call of my long lost whanau.
My ancestors are my shield fighting at war protecting me from good or bad.

They are the moonlight watching over me as I sleep.  
They are a pathway leading me to success.
They are my ancestors that stay within me.
They are my mind that make the thoughts I am thinking now.

My ancestors are my life holding the key to my future.

By: Chasity

Persuasive writing - Why you should read my Favourite book

In Class we imagined that we were a book seller at whitcoulls. We imagined that a costumer in whitcoulls was looking for a great novel to read, so we persuaded them to read one of our favourite books.

I am not Esther

So imagine your the daughter, your mother tells you that she's going away and you’re left with your relatives who are religious. No television, No radio, No news paper. NOTHING! You have to wear religious clothes, that you don’t want to wear. The book I’m going to explain to you now is called “I am not Esther”.

Why should you read it? Well I am going to explain to you why. This book is a motivating story inspiring young hearts to strive to achieve the best no matter what the odds are. Being based on a true story makes the realisation dawn on us even faster and brighter because of how brutal the children are being judged under what they look like and who they are. Believing in yourself is a huge factor in this story because with beliefs come dreams.

I strongly believe you should read this novel because it really shows how characters feel in this story and how they react to parts when it comes to bad parts. Why do I believe this? because of the decisions that Fleur beale (The author of the novel) made with her use of words and language features to help build her story on.

The book I have explained to you now fills your mind with pictures that makes every word paint a picture to tell the story. This is why I think you should read my favourite novel.

Chasity's - Comparing Reading at Home and at School

This is my Venn Diagram. It shows you what I do for reading at home and at school. 

World War 2: Elephants vs Serval cats

World War 2 Begins.....
Darkness  over castered the night as world war 2 started. The great war between two tribes, the elephants and the serval cats began. This took place when an elephant discovered it’s prey the serval cat. Bones, flesh and blood splattered everywhere with no warning as the chief of his own tribe stood on his victim. The war against a chief of elephants and a serval cat which was chief of his own kind began and lasted for many, many years.

Many animals that weren't involved in this war were either killed or tortured for their entire life.I remember when I was a young cub. I remember just lying in my giant hole waiting for the war to stop. But it never ended it kept going.  I could hear my Mother's voice in the distance. Screaming for her life. I cried and cried but no - one could hear me. I was frightened for my life, No one was there to protect me, just myself.

War was still on, Elephants and serval cats were still fighting. You could see the bones and flesh of innocent ones that had nothing to do with this war. Planes passed by dropping bombs, leaving smoke in the air. Elephants ate their enemies, enjoying the episode of eating. I turn my tiny little head towards the right finding 5 serval cats dead, So far the elephant tribe is winning which is a reasonable explanation.

I don’t know whether to move because I’m afraid that the serval cats will find me and eat me for their dinner. I make a  decision and slowly creep across the valley, looking behind me at the same time. Luckily no predator can hear my little feet creeping across. I find a safe place to hide in till morning.

The beaming sun rays from the sun spark my eye’s, telling me to awake. My eye’s slowly open. So far their are only 10 - 11 animals left suffering in the burning hot sun . Looking around I see those who contributed in this war and who, who started it.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

My Goals For Term 3

Hello, This is my Google presentation. It is about my goals for this term. I hope you enjoy. 

Friday, 9 August 2013

Popplet Brainstorm - What counts as Literacy

This is  a brainstorm I have made on popplet with my buddy Renee. Please leave comments.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My Reading for Leisure - Writing for Pleasure Title page

This is my Writing for Pleasure and Reading for leisure title page for this terms Topic. I hope you enjoy, Please leave comments