Friday, 31 August 2012

Description about Koro!

The Helpful Caretaker of T.P.S!

Koro’s face is loving and caring and is decorated with a stunning smile.His boots slam onto the ground as he walks around picking up rubbish. You can hear the leaves rustling as they hit the pile of rustling leaves.

His legs are strong, as they walk around picking up food scraps. Koro’s grey old hair blows in the wind as he bends up and down. He wears his funky sunglasses so that the sun doesn’t get in his eyes.

Koro’s caring words always give us courage to keep moving forward. Koro is like a father to us even though he is not.He says things like “Ka pai,” and “Good work.” And encourages us in everything we do or try.

With everything in the world he is like a proactive machine zooming through and finishing all his jobs in time without a fuss. Ever since he’s been at our school, he has always loved our Kapa Haka singing. Without him our school would be a dump. We all love him and care for him like he is our own precious hardworking godfather. He is such a reliable person to know. Everything he hates like picking up rubbish,cleaning the toilets and stuff he always does it. His face lights up whenever he shows us his gorgeous smile.

Koro is a man who cares about others. Everynight and everyday I think about Koro and I think to myself “What a wonderful and helpful man he is.” Even though he is a wise man his treasure of life will be treasured in our school forever.

By Chasity and Esther.

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

My Popplet on Sustainability

Chasity's Observation Report

This term in week 4 we started on our science investigation projects about plants. I involved myself in the kumara group, we call ourselves the K.S.I (kumara science investigators). So far our small kumara has sprouted a root. But unfortunately the big kumara is still taking its time.

In week 4 we gathered all the equipment we needed for our kumara experiment. My group gathered two cups,some bamboo sticks   , two kumara and water. We then put the two kumara into cups, then we poked some bamboo sticks into the kumara, After that we put water into the two cups and put them both underneath the sun.

In two days we observed our two kumara's. My group had noticed that there were no changes to our two kumara. But then three weeks later we all walked into class and gazed at our kumara .We saw that the small kumara had sprouted a root. But unfortunately the big kumara just had fur on it.

This term I have learnt that the small kumara grew roots and fur. But the big kumara only grew fur but is  taking time growing.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

My Pohutukawa Presentation!

Here is my Pohutukawa presentation of all the new facts I have learnt about for the past couple of days. I hope you enjoy! 

Friday, 17 August 2012

Basic Facts Progress.

Here is my basic facts progress spread sheet. Today I got 45 out of 100 which is pretty good but I'm trying to get 100 out of 100.

The Pohutukawa Lengend

There lived a powerful and mysterious man Michael who travelled around places looking for plants. At last on an island he was walking along the beach and finally there it was a pohutukawa tree. Michael stopped and couldn’t believe his eyes. “Is it really” Is it really true” he said in a shouty and exciting voice. “I’ve always wanted a pohutukawa tree”.

So he quickly got a saw from out of his boat and was going to cut the tree down when a grumpy old man popped out of nowhere and shouted out in a creepy old voice “Hey you! Leave that precious tree alone before I get over there and get that saw of yours and break it with my two bare hands”.The grouched. Then in a blink of an eye Michael was off running towards the forest. As he was running Michael could hear the old man from way back at the other end of the forest shouting out “You can run but you can’t hide”. Then as it got quieter and michael could only hear the birds chirping their wonderful harmonies. He stopped and had a rest. Then when he turned around to look at the other wonderful trees that were surrounding him. He didn’t see that the old man was standing right in front of him. “Now here we are in this very forest”. the old man said. “Okay now tell me back there why did you want to cut down my tree. hmmm.

“I never knew that was your tree though” michael spoke. “I’ve just always wanted a pohutukawa at the back of my backyard. “Thats are reasonable reason. said the old man touched. Then when they got back to Michael's boat. Michael said a quick bye and got into his boat. As he was about to zoom off the old man shouted “WAIT!” . “Here, have some pohutukawa seeds”. “Woah where did you get these from”. “Oh just be quiet and just get out of here before I kick you all the way to africa”. “Okay,Okay I’m going now, so aren’t you going to say something”. “NO” the old man shouted. Then as michael left he could hear the old man shouting “Thank you for not cutting down my tree I really appreciate that”. “Yeah thats right”. Michael said to himself happily.

My Compost Narrative

The Journey of Chizu the apple!

Hanging from an apple tree in the sun. A little boy gently picked me off my branch and took one bite of me. I could feel his teeth digging into my juice. As he took bites and bites of me I could already feel my life fading away. As he finished me, he threw me in a bin. I fell deeper and deeper into the bin. I could hear my echo as I was shouting “AHH!”.Then I heard a SLAM! I hit the ground. I felt myself sinking into a pile of compost. My body felt cold I thought I was dying but... I wasn’t. I lifted my myself from off the pile of compost. Suddenly.... from the tip of my eye I spotted a centipede gazing at me with a funny look on his face. I screamed “AHHH! please don’t eat me”. The centipede let out a big ‘BURR PPP!”. He laughed and laughed. I joined in with him ‘ Hahaha...” So what are we laughing about again”. I couldn’t get over that he was a vegetarian and not an apple eater.

As the sun went down and the moon rose into the sky. I almost fell asleep when... “Ow! Chizu!” .The centipede woke me up. “huh, oh its you centipede”. I said. “What do you want?” The centipede never answered. I looked up and saw two worms dragging him by his arms. I ran as quickly as I could. But they got away. “NOOOOO!” I shouted. “Why wasn’t I a great friend to centipede”. I said sadly. Then I started to cry. Tears came running out as I cried and cried. It was like My eyes were two waterfalls. I stopped and looked out in the area where the two worms took centipede. I ran and ran until I got to the end. I found centipede lying in the middle of the compost bin unconscious. Centipede woke up. “Are you alright centipede?” I asked. The centipede answered”Yeah i’m alright but you should really look behind you”. I felt slime sliding down my core. I turned around and saw the two worms. They had no eyes but they could sure sense your smell. “HELP!” I yelled.

The centipede couldn’t do anything. I quickly died and never lived through the fight. The worms ate me. The centipede cried all through his sleep until it was morning. I could see him everywhere while I was in heaven. I visited him every night and would talk to him. He would think it was weird talking to a ghost but he thought”Well at least I’m talking to her as she is a ghost.” The centipede would talk about how much he missed me. And now today he is still talking to me while we are old and he is still alive.

Chasity's Plants Prestation

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Day 3 Observation

Today I observe that the big kumara and the small kumara have grown fur at the bottom of it.

My Future Questions:
1. What does fur do to the kumara?
2. What happened if the big kumara was planed in the ground will it grow or will it die?
3. How does the fur effect of the fur do?

Monday, 13 August 2012

Day One Observation

I observed that the small kumara has sprouted and that the big kumara didn’t grow any roots because over the weekend the bowl that the big kumara was in, had a hole in it, so the water kept on leaking out of it. Now I am wondering

1.What would happen if you planted the same sized plant in a different type of soil?
2. Does it really matter about the size of the kumara?
3.What would happen if you didn't put your plant in the sun and put it under a lamp instead?

4. Do you wonder if kumara like to be grown under ground?
5. Do different plants have different time limits in soil?

Friday, 10 August 2012

My Science Investigation

Today we started our scientific experiments on plants.  I hypothesise that the small kumara is going to grow roots faster than the big kumara because I think it is still growing.

Basic Facts Progress

These are my basic fact scores for T3 so far. My goal for week 5 is too beat my time because every time we do basic facts test I always get the same every time. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Compost Wordle Display

Hey, Here is my wordle display of all the compost words we learnt for topic the other day. Hope you like it!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Fractions Challenge

Can you work out what fraction of my shapes that I created on TuxPaint are shaded?