Friday, 17 August 2012

My Compost Narrative

The Journey of Chizu the apple!

Hanging from an apple tree in the sun. A little boy gently picked me off my branch and took one bite of me. I could feel his teeth digging into my juice. As he took bites and bites of me I could already feel my life fading away. As he finished me, he threw me in a bin. I fell deeper and deeper into the bin. I could hear my echo as I was shouting “AHH!”.Then I heard a SLAM! I hit the ground. I felt myself sinking into a pile of compost. My body felt cold I thought I was dying but... I wasn’t. I lifted my myself from off the pile of compost. Suddenly.... from the tip of my eye I spotted a centipede gazing at me with a funny look on his face. I screamed “AHHH! please don’t eat me”. The centipede let out a big ‘BURR PPP!”. He laughed and laughed. I joined in with him ‘ Hahaha...” So what are we laughing about again”. I couldn’t get over that he was a vegetarian and not an apple eater.

As the sun went down and the moon rose into the sky. I almost fell asleep when... “Ow! Chizu!” .The centipede woke me up. “huh, oh its you centipede”. I said. “What do you want?” The centipede never answered. I looked up and saw two worms dragging him by his arms. I ran as quickly as I could. But they got away. “NOOOOO!” I shouted. “Why wasn’t I a great friend to centipede”. I said sadly. Then I started to cry. Tears came running out as I cried and cried. It was like My eyes were two waterfalls. I stopped and looked out in the area where the two worms took centipede. I ran and ran until I got to the end. I found centipede lying in the middle of the compost bin unconscious. Centipede woke up. “Are you alright centipede?” I asked. The centipede answered”Yeah i’m alright but you should really look behind you”. I felt slime sliding down my core. I turned around and saw the two worms. They had no eyes but they could sure sense your smell. “HELP!” I yelled.

The centipede couldn’t do anything. I quickly died and never lived through the fight. The worms ate me. The centipede cried all through his sleep until it was morning. I could see him everywhere while I was in heaven. I visited him every night and would talk to him. He would think it was weird talking to a ghost but he thought”Well at least I’m talking to her as she is a ghost.” The centipede would talk about how much he missed me. And now today he is still talking to me while we are old and he is still alive.

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