Friday, 31 August 2012

Description about Koro!

The Helpful Caretaker of T.P.S!

Koro’s face is loving and caring and is decorated with a stunning smile.His boots slam onto the ground as he walks around picking up rubbish. You can hear the leaves rustling as they hit the pile of rustling leaves.

His legs are strong, as they walk around picking up food scraps. Koro’s grey old hair blows in the wind as he bends up and down. He wears his funky sunglasses so that the sun doesn’t get in his eyes.

Koro’s caring words always give us courage to keep moving forward. Koro is like a father to us even though he is not.He says things like “Ka pai,” and “Good work.” And encourages us in everything we do or try.

With everything in the world he is like a proactive machine zooming through and finishing all his jobs in time without a fuss. Ever since he’s been at our school, he has always loved our Kapa Haka singing. Without him our school would be a dump. We all love him and care for him like he is our own precious hardworking godfather. He is such a reliable person to know. Everything he hates like picking up rubbish,cleaning the toilets and stuff he always does it. His face lights up whenever he shows us his gorgeous smile.

Koro is a man who cares about others. Everynight and everyday I think about Koro and I think to myself “What a wonderful and helpful man he is.” Even though he is a wise man his treasure of life will be treasured in our school forever.

By Chasity and Esther.

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