Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Chasity's Observation Report

This term in week 4 we started on our science investigation projects about plants. I involved myself in the kumara group, we call ourselves the K.S.I (kumara science investigators). So far our small kumara has sprouted a root. But unfortunately the big kumara is still taking its time.

In week 4 we gathered all the equipment we needed for our kumara experiment. My group gathered two cups,some bamboo sticks   , two kumara and water. We then put the two kumara into cups, then we poked some bamboo sticks into the kumara, After that we put water into the two cups and put them both underneath the sun.

In two days we observed our two kumara's. My group had noticed that there were no changes to our two kumara. But then three weeks later we all walked into class and gazed at our kumara .We saw that the small kumara had sprouted a root. But unfortunately the big kumara just had fur on it.

This term I have learnt that the small kumara grew roots and fur. But the big kumara only grew fur but is  taking time growing.

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