Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Weapons 1 Group: Chasity, Jennifer, Iziah, Mehi, Ma'asi and Villiamu

For this term our class have been studying on ANZAC, we decided to create a presentation as shown above, To show our understandings of ANZAC. We studied what weapons they used in world war 1. We wrote down facts and put up pictures to show what type of guns and other weapons they used. Please comment for any ideas as we are presenting our presentations this week. 

(Chasity's) Term two Goals 2014

These are my goals for term 2. They were also created using my end of Term one e - assTTle Data. 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

(Chasity,Carra & Jennifer) ANZAC Facts

Today for Tuakana Teina Day, we had to put information into our own words so that ourselves and our buddy could understand what the information was trying to tell us. Our Buddy was Carra, She enjoyed going on the netbooks and sharing her ideas with me and Jennifer.