Tuesday, 12 April 2011

This is Me

I am Chasity and I like my netbook because it is better than books also it is fun on the internet because you can play heaps of different games too.


  1. Hi Chasity,
    Great to see you are getting to post on your own blog. Having your own netbook is going to make it so easy for you to do lots of posting.

    I am looking forward to reading lots of your posts.

    Miss G

  2. Hi Chasity what a great start to your goals, Next step is to read out loud and practice out loud lots of times for whanau confreneces. And i love your goals there just so so so amazing and fun to read keep up the good work by for now and its just so fun to play on our cool netbooks aye its like we should take them home and keep them for the rest of our lives aye hahahaha see you during the rest of the day or see you on our table hahahahaha =p =p =p =p =p =p =p see ya later!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;p ;p ;p ;p

  3. love them just love them there just so cool and wonderful and one more thing there so full of intrest and oh wait even better there super wonderful