Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Drift poem - By Denis Glover

Drift by Denis Glover -

What are some features we can see in the poem? Use words and quotes from the poem to support your answer...  
The feature in this poem is rhym. For example: “Drift, drift upon the beach, Dead Mans Bay and dead mans beach. The pattern it goes in is AABB

What is the author’s purpose of the poem?
The author’s purpose is to raise awareness that driftwoods are pieces of solid log that travel around numerous places. Though they do not choose the path they are on because it is chosen for them by which why the world is pointing or where the storm is headed. Sometimes you need to choose your own pathway instead of other people directing you where to go. It’s not about how you do it, It’s about where you’re going in life.  

What are the key ideas in the poem?
The key idea in this poem is to follow your own pathway and to never let others push you back to the start, Which also means to never trust people that walk you through the wrong pathway.

Why do you think these are the key ideas?
“May drive them to the indifferent shore” Which means you can go wherever you want in life  without anyone telling you where to go.

How does the poem make you feel?
I love freedom because it makes me want to go anywhere in life not listening to anyone in the world, telling me where to go when I can just go anywhere I want. Walking through the correct pathway instead of the wrong path.

Why does it make you feel this way?
Because  I freedom and with poem being about drift wood and how it moves around you can discover new things and doorways to different lives.

How does the image in the poem support the way the poem makes your feel?
The driftwood drifting through the water and the water can lead you to many places even to  you dreams and hopes and beliefs. It’s a drifting wood drifting through freedom.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013


This is a brainstorm of what 'Integrity' is. There is also a definition for what 'Integrity' means. Please enjoy and I hope you leave comments.

Monday, 21 October 2013

Venn Diagram

In class today we learnt about out inquiry topic "Rhythm, Rap and rhyme, Creating peaceful time".

Spelling For Today....

The Rhythm of a Beat

I rode my bicycle to school

The Enunciation was correct

We learnt Statistics for Maths

The state of not being guilty for a crime

A place where you bury Relatives

Caprice used the correct Pronunciation

I used onomatopoeia to describe a word

The act of moving along or forward

To make a firm decision

Humanity are almost dead

The cake was Scrumptious

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Going to the Mall with my family (Bad EXPERIENCE)

In the holidays I went to Sylvia park mall with my family. It was seriously a bad Experience with all the Chaos that was going around. I hope you do enjoy my description writing... Please leave a comment;)

As I look through the window of the store seeing many clothing and accessories (Including my reflection) I see strangers walking around talking to their peers around them, minding their own business as a matter of fact. My Mum and dad, younger siblings stand around me glimpsing at what I am looking at. I turn around not noticing they have already left me behind (If only I could fly) The scent of food already filling my mind. Me, my Family and I enter ‘The Warehouse’..... ‘30 Percent off clothing’ it say’s on the sign.

The voice of my brother convincing my mum to buy him an Xbox 360 game, I can already see the redness in her eye’s. My mum sleepy and tired, argued with my dad not noticing everyone in the store was listening to what they were saying. I couldn't believe how humiliated I was. My mouth watering with hunger as the smell of spicy hot butter chicken filled the air.

I could taste burger king as we entered the food court, Everyone munching on their pieces of chicken or whatever they were eating. Tasting the fresh but suffocating air as I opened my mouth to take a bite of my cheese burger.Taking one last bite as all my food was finished. My family still eating.... While I’m sitting there in silent mode waiting for them to finish.

As soon as my Family finish, we head off. Up the escalators feeling dizzy as ever. My mum starts up the Car, hearing the engine as it warms up. The foot hits the petal and we now head home.