Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Mehi and Chasity's - fishing methods Information Report

Title: Fishing Practices

Fishing Practices:

The sea is full of sea creatures. Some people use different techniques when going fishing, but some techniques can damage some parts of many different ocean habitats. For example, here are some fishing practices people use to fish.


Dredging is one method used for fishing practices. It can be harmful to the deep sea climate, but can also result in high levels of bycatch. By restricting dredging areas, bycatch and damage to seafloor life can be reduced. To prevent this problem from happening you can regulate the areas where dredging occurs. When you are dredging you will need metal-framed baskets (Cages). These metal-framed baskets you will catch shellfish like oysters, clams, crabs, pipis, mussels, and scallops.


Gillnetting can accidentally entangle and catch ocean animals, such as.. Sea turtles, marine animals and sharks, which could kill them this could happen if people just dump their steel nets back into the water and leave it in the ocean. When you are gillnetting you would need steel nets. These steel nets can catch fish, and Unintended sea creatures.

Traps and Pots:

When traps are used in the ocean and are Abandoned, there are a few concerns of conservation happening with this fishing methods. When you want to use traps and pots you will need wire or wood cages. These wire or wood cages can catch lobsters, crabs, shrimp, sablefish and Pacific cod.

Bottom Trawling:

A bottom trawl is a type of fishing net that's pulled along the seafloor. Fishermen commonly use bottom trawls to catch shrimp and bottom-dwelling fish like halibut and sole. However, to these target fish, the nets also catch a variety of ocean life that's usually thrown back dead or dying. Dragging heavy gear across the sea bed can also damage seafloor habitats.

In conclusion fishing practices can be used in many good different ways but sometimes it can damage some of the different sea creature habitats.

Videos and diagrams: Different Fishing Practices:


Bottom Trawling 

Gillnetting: Here is a diagram, showing you what this method looks like:

Traps and Pots - Here is a diagram, showing you what this method looks like:

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Mavis and Chasity - Me the analyzer

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Tuakana Teina Day - Room 1

Today room one were able to buddy up with us, because Ms Barlow was busy filming for the Manaiakalani Film festival. My buddy was Autumn. Together we wrote a description about her sea creature she made using her imagination. Autumn named her creature... 'Autumn'.. because she said that was her favourite name.. Our sea creature included, five ears and three big eye's. A silvery fish body, with shark fins and a fish tail. She drew a smile that had a tongue poking out of it. 

Also, we learnt a Maori nursery song with our room one pairs.. called 'Kaimoana e' 

Kina, kina
Wheke, wheke
Ika, Ika
Tuna, tuna 
Pipi, Pipi
Paua, Paua

Kaimoana e.... Hi!

Monday, 8 September 2014

Our Experience on the Waitangi Trip - Waitangi Treaty grounds - Copthorne Hotel e.c.t...

Last week, we went on our Waitangi Trip. The reason why we went up north to the Bay of islands was because, we entered into a competition that was about the 'Treaty of Waitangi'. Our main/big question was 'WHY the treaty of Waitangi is still RELEVANT today?...' Our Movie was based on this question.. and the topics we studied were.. Protection... Participation and ... Partnership.. Well also known as the three 'P's'. The group that made the movie, were called 'The Royal Pages..' I was apart of that reading group. In the finish we came second, which meant our reading group were able to go and stay up at the Copthorne hotel resort, but also, not only did we go, but the student council also came, which was fair because they've worked hard to be role models for our school and make good decisions as well. 

A highlight from the Waitangi trip would've been, Kayaking. Being able to work as a team in partners was just entertaining because, actually bonding and making mistakes were hilarious.. I couldn't and would never forget those four days and three nights because they were the most inspiring and funny days ever of my life. Thank you very much to sponsors who paid and actually made this trip happen, If it weren't for you guy's this great opportunity wouldn't have happened for us young adolescence.