Wednesday, 29 May 2013

What I now about Narratives

What I know about Narratives
  • A narratives purpose is to entertain and enthral 
  • An opening includes setting and characters
  • A series of event 
  • A complication
  • Resulting event
  • Resolution and ending.
  • A series of event 
  • A complication
  • Resulting event
  • Resolution and ending.
Language features:
  • Written in 1st or 3rd person
  • Past tense 
  • Chronological but may contain flashbacks
  • Distinctive character.

  • Time Connective
  • Dialogue in different tense
  • Powerful verbs for action and feelings
  • Poetic used to create effect
  • Conversation used to move the story forward.

  • Purpose to entertain and enthral making 
  • the reader picture the story in there mind.

  • Knowing your ending and good links
  • Use question to draw readers into events.
  • Use a small number of character
  • Main character makes a comment I the end.
  • Do not introduce another problem. 

  • Story Connectives 
  • One day
  • Later that day
  • Soon afterwards
  • Not long that after that
  • Next
  • That afternoon
  • Early that morning 
  • That same morning 
  • So whenever
  • For  a moment 
  • By the time

Tuesday, 28 May 2013

The Tiger - Homework Task

For the writing part of our homework we were given a photo of a tiger in a bathroom. We used as much of our imagination as we could to finalise our narrative stories and make them really readable for the readers that are going to read these. I hope you enjoy reading my Narrative story.

With trails of footprints leading to the door, Alexis covered her body with a towel. The white bathtub groaned as it gulped up the last of water. Alexis walked over to the mirror and took one glance at her beautiful face. She smiled at her reflection and it smiled back at her. Her long wavy hair soaked with water, dripped onto the floor leaving tiny droplets. The echoing sound of crackling, was the sound of Alexis trying to lift her leg. She couldn't keep her balance and ended up face down to the ground.

Alexis tried to get up but the dark colour black took over her eye sight. She was now in a conscious reaction. Alexis was now face to face with a tiger. A tiger that had Golden brown skin with traces of black lines. Her eyes slowly opened. She took one short glance at the tiger. The tigers brown eyes looked at Alexis with a more frightened facial than she had. “I am a friend of yours from the past”. The tiger said. Alexis had a dumb look on her face. Then out came a voice “Johnson” yelled Alexis. The both of them smiled. “Now close your eyes and count to 10, I'm gonna do my business”. Roared her tiger friend. “How is that impossible” Questioned Alexis. There was no answer from the tiger.

Alexis took a small peek and saw the tiger on the toilet. She giggled to herself as quietly as she could. “You may open your eyes now” said Johnson. “How did this happen to you?” asked Alexis. Johnson never answered. “Alexis are you done in the shower, you have been in there over 20 minutes already” Yelled her mother. Alexis opened the bathroom door and yelled out “Yes! I'm done” She turned back looking at the traces of muddy footprints her tiger friend left.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Chasity's - Skills for Adolescence - Self Confidence Presentation

Here is a google presentation I've made related to "Self Confidence". I hope you love watching my presentation. Please leave comments and smiley faces:) Thanks!!!

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

My reading Log

Here is my reading log for 2013. I have been typing down the titles of the books that I have read for the past two days. Please leave a comment :)

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Taking my netbook home for the first time

It was a pleasure to take my netbook home for the first time because now I can make more blog posts than ever and finish of work I haven't finished at school.Taking my netbook home is a very exciting thing for me in my life time. I just love taking my netbook home because it just like finishing work at school but your finishing it at home. I take care of my netbook at home and at school and that's a good thing. Finishing homework and other school work on time has been done on my netbook. I love taking my netbook home and that's good.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Procedural Text: How to make Scones

I made a procedural text on a google presentation. Here is my procedural telling you step by step on "How to make scones". It took time to make this presentation. Leave comments and Feed back on the way:) Thanks!!!

Friday, 17 May 2013

Procedural: How to play Fireboy and Watergirl

Here is a procedural text I made on a google presentation. Use the steps that have been provided for you to play this game. Please leave a comment :)

Tuesday, 14 May 2013

9 Equations Math Pathway

After sitting our e-asTTle test this week  we analysed our group pathways which helped us identify our            group maths goals for this term. Here are my group maths goals.
Our Maths Group Goals for Term 2
  • WALT explain the meaning of digits in numbers up to 3 decimal places.
  • WALT order decimals and fractions up to and equivalent of 3 decimal places. 
  • WALT express a fraction as a decimal (and vice versa).
  • WALT explain the meaning of tenths, hundredths and thousandths. 

  • WALT solve fractions using different mathematical strategies.  

Blog commenting

Here is a Presentation I worked on . It shows you my comments I posted on other student blogs around our area. I hope you love whar I have done to complete this presentation. Please leave a comment!

Monday, 13 May 2013

Will.I.Am's Donation for Manaiakalani $100,000

Faith,Taylor,Jayden, Mavis got the chance to experience another way of  learning with the Manaiakalani. A fantastic piece of news which came to us as "Someone donated some money to the Manaikalani education trust" Well we found out that someone was MrWill.I.Am
I hope you enjoy reading my awesome experience below 
Please leave a comment!!!

Thursday 6 May 2013, was well... the best day of our life!!! I’m not being dramatic or anything but a group of students got the chance to see that Mr.William James Adams,otherwise known as Will.I.Am . He has donated $100,000 to the Manaiakalani Education Trust. We were told at first that it was an anonymous donater but when we arrived we got the news that it was Will.I.Am himself who had donated the money.It was something worth experiencing.

When the cheque was presented we were thankful and honored for his helpful donation towards the Manaiakalani Education Trust. His inspirational words motivated us all as students to keep moving forward in life.

The words that he preached today was "My mission is to help transform disadvantaged youths, and I hope my donation to the Manaiakalani Trust will help these young people gain the skills they need for tomorrow's job market."

We acknowledged that fact the he shared a small portion of his life with us about growing up with  only his mum to raise him and about the fact that music and arts literally saved his life. He told us that his dream was to look after his mother and siblings.

When he told us what his dream was we felt like we could do something with our life. Meeting or hearing him wasn’t just hearing or seeing him as a celebrity but we got to hear and see him as a person who motivated himself to succeed in life.

We came back to school feeling glad we got to be part of something worth remembering, we got to be part of something we could tell our friends with pride and experience.

Friday, 10 May 2013

My Reading Group Goals for Term 2

After sitting our e-asTTle test this week  we analysed our group pathways which helped us identify our group reading goals for this term. Here are my group reading goals.

WALT use skimming and scanning skills to locate specific information(Find, Select, Retrieve)
  • WALT use our knowledge of strategies to solve read unknown words so that we gain meaning from the test.
  • WALT make inferences to help us identify the main ideas and to evaluate the authors purpose for writing the text.

My Spelling Progress for Term 2 2013

Term:1 2013
My Spelling Progress

Here is my spelling Progress Graph. As you can see, there are some boxes of the colour purple. These boxes show you what spelling words I got correct. Take a look! and leave a comment.

Simple Fractions Presentation

Here is a Simple Fractions Presentation, me and my friends did together. With information about "What is a fraction" and what are Halves, quarters and ect. We worked together to get it done on time. Please leave a comment :)

A Matter of Fact - Popplet

This term we have been learning about "A Matter of Fact". I made a popplet with all the Vocabulary me and my class came up with. There are definitions to show you what these words mean. Please leave a comment. 

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Our group Motivational Topic Experiment

This is a presentation me and my group did. It was about our science Topic " A Matter of Fact" . This presentation was also about out Motivational Topic Experiment.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My Seasons Poem

Seasons Poem

A tree grows by our house.

In Winter
It is a black skeleton waiting to grow leaves.

In Spring
It is an explosion of blossoming flowers.

In Summer
It is a green galaxy full of leaves.

In Autumn
It is a fountain full of gold.

A tree grow by my house.

Procedural Text: How to cross the road safely

Here is my procedural Text about: "How to cross the road safely". We learnt about Methods and Materials Which are what you need to do and what you need for making or creating the project you want. Please leave a comment. 


 This term we have been learning about fractions. So I decided to make a popplet related to our maths topic "Fractions". Please leave a comment!

Monday, 6 May 2013

Fractions Vocab

We have been learning about Fractions. We decided to make a wordle display baste on Vocabulary related to Fractions. Here is a photo showing you all the Vocabulary I came up with. Please leave a comment :)!