Thursday, 29 November 2012

It's green!


What is an ozone layer? An ozone layer is like skin but different. It is a layer that protects the earth from the suns light. If the earth isn’t protected from the ozone layer. What will happen? The suns light will cause you to have skin cancer.

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Did you know that greenhouse gasses are occurring right now. The greenhouses create a gas which is a dangerous cause to the earth’s ozone layer and lets the sun’s uv rays into the earth’s atmosphere .

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But did you know that the suns rays are getting through a hole in the earths ozone layer.   The suns rays are really harmful to human’s like causing them to be blind and skin cancer.


Saving the atmosphere and the ozone layer is easy all you have to do is stop GREENHOUSE! gasses and littering.

Environmentally Friendly Tips

Monday, 26 November 2012

Atheletics Hyperbole Poem.

Athletics Day Poem!

Welcome to the T.P.S athletics day.

Feet are covered with millions of specks of speed.
Shotputs are thrown with the strength of a thousand men.
The race track is longer than a train.
Children pile their shoes mountain height.
Discus are plates that get thrown around from children.

From: Chasity and Hine.


Room 8's Favourite Drinks

Friday, 23 November 2012

My persuasive writing- "It is good to save energy".

Save energy! What will YOU do?

The world is changing into a different place. Is it going to end? The world? Is it us or mother nature?

Do you go to school or work in your private transport appliance? Do you like to watch T.V all day? Do you like to play on your computer all day? Do you leave your main power points on when not used? These questions could go on FOREVER. `In your everyday life. Do you wonder about what do and the effect it makes? You may say “YES”.  But do you actually SAVE energy? Now a days people just can’t save energy. Why? they are TOO LAZY to do it. We have become so reliable on the technology we use.  This may be the terrifying truth for almost everyone. But people around the world don’t notice how much energy they are wasting.

As you may already know. There is huge problems around the world made by YOU. Don’t you feel just at least a little guilty for what you have done? Already people around the world have no idea what they are doing! YOU are producing global warming, climate change and pollution! You should feel more guilty because these problems can END THE WORLD.

Global warming: Global warming is when there is too much CO2 in the air. Did you know that there is so much CO2 in the air that there is climate change? This is  when the weather gets hotter and in antarctica the enormous blocks of ice are melting rapidly. This affects thousands of creatures including YOU. Penguins are becoming homeless, polar bears are traveling further distances to find food, animals starving to death. Even in the islands! When ice melts the water level increases and are taking over the islands! There are less land there to live on. There are countless problems and more to come just because of you.

As a famous quote  ‘little things can do big things.’ YES this is true. We  all are doing little things like driving a car instead of riding a bike. What can we do to  encourage people to ride bikes more often and turn off lights when not used and so on. Can you please help us, the world. They are in your hands. What will you do?

Friday, 16 November 2012

Data Handling.

Today me and Lydia played a game called data handing. We had to throw the dice 30 times and write down how many we got to 1-6. It had to equal up to 30 which was challenging for me . We made a bar graph on the same information we got from the tally chart

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Room 8 are beginning about Statistics.

Room 8 are beginning their learning about Statistics.  We were introduced to the 'Data Detective' today and made our way quickly around the cycle.  We used google spreadsheets to collect, record and display data.  Check it out!

Tuesday, 13 November 2012

My Personal Robot.

My robot is yellow and red with blue sunglasses. It has a fluffy duster at the top of it's head. His hands turn into guns, that defend him. His right arm has a G.P.S that show we his destination is. Water shoots out of his water slot, providing water to drink. Food falls out from the food slot onto your plate. His legs turn and twist as they turn in to rockets. 

The End!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Vector Energy

Tukutuku Design


The main theme of this pattern is how we affect the world. The red colour on top represents you and me, the green represents the environment, the blue represents the sea and what lies within and lastly the orange which represents land creatures. These are all in the world. But the stairs on bottom, represent the way to peace and care on earth but some of us are going down and some are going up, which means that some people just can’t follow peace and care for the environment and some people do. The environment,land creatures and marine creatures inside the stairs are all trapped because we trapped the world. What will happen if the stairs get weaker and weaker then it falls. What will happen to our world?