Friday, 17 August 2012

The Pohutukawa Lengend

There lived a powerful and mysterious man Michael who travelled around places looking for plants. At last on an island he was walking along the beach and finally there it was a pohutukawa tree. Michael stopped and couldn’t believe his eyes. “Is it really” Is it really true” he said in a shouty and exciting voice. “I’ve always wanted a pohutukawa tree”.

So he quickly got a saw from out of his boat and was going to cut the tree down when a grumpy old man popped out of nowhere and shouted out in a creepy old voice “Hey you! Leave that precious tree alone before I get over there and get that saw of yours and break it with my two bare hands”.The grouched. Then in a blink of an eye Michael was off running towards the forest. As he was running Michael could hear the old man from way back at the other end of the forest shouting out “You can run but you can’t hide”. Then as it got quieter and michael could only hear the birds chirping their wonderful harmonies. He stopped and had a rest. Then when he turned around to look at the other wonderful trees that were surrounding him. He didn’t see that the old man was standing right in front of him. “Now here we are in this very forest”. the old man said. “Okay now tell me back there why did you want to cut down my tree. hmmm.

“I never knew that was your tree though” michael spoke. “I’ve just always wanted a pohutukawa at the back of my backyard. “Thats are reasonable reason. said the old man touched. Then when they got back to Michael's boat. Michael said a quick bye and got into his boat. As he was about to zoom off the old man shouted “WAIT!” . “Here, have some pohutukawa seeds”. “Woah where did you get these from”. “Oh just be quiet and just get out of here before I kick you all the way to africa”. “Okay,Okay I’m going now, so aren’t you going to say something”. “NO” the old man shouted. Then as michael left he could hear the old man shouting “Thank you for not cutting down my tree I really appreciate that”. “Yeah thats right”. Michael said to himself happily.

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