Wednesday, 28 August 2013

How Night Came

How Night Came

Now before there was night,
There was only light-
And this is the story
Of how darkness came.

During the day, the sun shone and in the evening along came the moon so bright that it was light all the time. - Problem

God called the bat and gave him a basket tied up tight. Bat was told to fly to the moon with the basket. So bat set out, but the journey was long and the journey hard. In the end bat became so tired, he had to stop and rest. - Task

While bat slept, some other creatures came along. Curious about the content of the basket they approached. Some say it was the coyote but I don’t know the truth... any ways, one of them opened the basket just in case there was something good to eat inside. - Others interfering

Too late- out leapt the darkness. - The dilemma

You can imagine the animals’ surprise. One moment it was quite bright and the next moment it was pitch dark. They all stared up at the moon, grateful for its thin, silvery light. - Result

Ever since then, poor old bat has had to sleep all day because at night he is too busy frantically fluttering about, still trying to catch the darkness to take it to the moon. - Ending

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