Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Description

Looking outside, What do I see?

Sitting down on my seat looking out towards the window. I can see cars passing by screeching their brakes trying to stop. Crickets making a noise warning humans night is here. Darkness covers our house letting us know it’s time to go to bed. I wonder what my friends are doing now? I see my reflection in the window, waving at myself. Neighbours waving at me saying hello and then going into their houses, enjoying their family love. I look away and then look back.

It’s too dark to see anything. But I can still see the city lights. My face presses against the window. I can still see the wet patches of condensation from awhile ago. My nan still doing the housework while i’m mucking around. I feel so guilty now, but honestly I can’t stop looking outside because of the beautiful view of the city.

I can hear my cousin screaming, screaming for attention. I can also hear my brother and younger sister yelling at each other because their both losing at a game.

swinging on my chair as I look outside, hoping I won’t get a telling off. I can’t stop laughing because a hilarious man passes by in his car yelling at a man across the road from him. “He seriously has some issues.” I say to myself. I can hear my nan in the background telling me to hurry up and get to bed. Oh well time to go, See you!

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