Wednesday, 10 July 2013

My Critical Inquiry Reflection

My Critical Inquiry Reflection:

(So that you know this is a critical thinking Photo and not a weird Photo.)

This term I have learnt many things from the past topics we have studied. I have learnt that becoming an adolescent means you are going into a young teenager stage. From the Inquiry topic that we have been studying  for last 3 months is ‘Rubbish in our school’, I have learnt that plastic bags cannot be recycled in New Zealand because our country does not have the machinery to recycle these kinds of products. Another thing I have learnt from this Term was learning about an experiment we did called ‘Soda Pop.’ From this experiment I have learnt that if you pour a balloon full of salt into the soda bottle, the acid inside the soda will fizz up into the balloon and the balloon will rise because of the acid that is entering it.

What effect does the rubbish I produce have on the environment?
The rubbish that I produce happens in the environment as well. This affects the environment because people around the community can catch a disease from the waste which will mean they will pass it on to other people around them. Also rats and mice can be attracted to the rubbish that I have produced and this will also mean them getting at the waste and creating more diseases around our environment.  

How can we motivate ourselves and others to be responsible for our waste?
To help us motivate ourselves and others to be responsible for our waste is that I think we should encourage ourselves and others to throw their litter in the rubbish bin and this will mean students will also do this process and if our school also does this process I think our school will become a clean and green environment for visitors and also ourselves.

How can we reduce the amount of money TPS spends on waste removal?

We could spend less on waste removal and actually reduce the waste we have created into reusable material. We could also save the amount of money we have used to pay for waste removal and use it for important stuff like school equipment and sport things.  

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