Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Market...

Last week we did a T3 Writing assessment. We were given a picture and were demanded to write a description about it, by using our 5 senses (See, feel, Smell,Touch and Hear) This is my writing Assessment I did last week.

The Market....

Time is passing, 9:21 it Say's on my watch the markets finish at 12:00. I rush around trying to find some descent food to eat. My Temperature is rising. I don't even know where I'm going because there are so many food stores to look at.I am a victim of the sun, getting burnt by their beaming rays. My nose is attracted by a wonderful scent, Oh if I knew where it came from. Birds chirping their sweet melody making me want fall asleep.

Nearly half of the stores are closed, I haven't got any food yet. I see a sign which said "Muscle Fritters" Feeling the dribble coming down my chin with hunger. I know I shouldn't buy it but I have too. looking over to the other side, seeing teenagers like me. Munching on hot chips. Children eating Cinnamon doughnuts, watching the left over crumbs fall onto their clothes.

Butterflies bouncing on blue blossoms, How wonderful is that! I sit down into a chair. Feeling cold as ever. Makes me want to shiver a bit. Sniffing the beautiful fresh air and the nice smell of food. I check my watch again the time is 10:50. Ten more minutes to go.

I can hear people talking, talking about How wonderful their day was. Me and my friends all bunch in as a group looking around for some drinks and food. Touching each other. Telling one another to go there or anywhere. Times up! all stores are closing now. Now it's time for us to go.  

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  1. I enjoyed marking your writing assessment Chasity. Your ideas were clearly expressed. The complexity of your ideas are supported with appropriate detail and language. You description requires the reader to read at a fast pace which adds great suspense and engagement for reading.

    You now need to work on punctuating dialogue correctly. This means starting a new line when someone new is talking in your story. You also need to use apostrophes in the correct place.

    Once again you are a GREAT thinker -keep it up!