Monday, 2 September 2013

Walking Between The Twin Towers

Walking Between The Twin Towers
Releasing his foot from the edge of the building. His leg reaches across hoping he won’t fall. Philippe Petit walking in nervousness, His stomach turning inside out. Holding his balancing stick, he walks a couple of steps across the wire. Philippe looks over towards the other side. His friends looking towards him as well.
“Is this the last time I’ll ever see them?” Philippe thought. This thought then faded away as Philippe Petit noticed that tiny ant liked people were watching him.

He took two more steps north almost towards the end. He looked around, looking at an air plane soaring through the air. Two of his friends (Almost sweating to death). Philippe almost there,
“Just two more steps left.” Philippe spoke to himself, Happy with joy. People staring at him with their mouths in a shape of an O, staring at him with fear. Philippe almost there only needs like one more step until he is finished, to my calculation. He leaped off the wire with relief, jumping up and down with happiness. His friends were as relieved as he was. Philippe turned around looking at an officer with cuffs in his hands. “You are under arrest.” The young officer said. Philippe followed the officer into the police car and off he went to court.

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