Monday, 23 July 2012

Pakuranga Night Markets Recount

It was covered with darkness as we left the house to drive to Pakuranga night markets.  As we got out of the van there were people crowding around something.
When we got closer I knew why they were crowding around because my cousin Darcey was singing with his mates. I felt proud of him because everybody was watching him and singing along together. For awhile it started to get hot and I started to sweat. I asked my aunty if I could get  me and my cousin an Ice-cream to cool us down she said to get her one as well because she was hot too. I chose the Ice-creams they looked yum.

As I took one bite of my ice-cream I could already feel the coolness flowing through my body. I saw a waffle stand,I asked my aunty  if we could  each have a waffle. My aunty said that she would come with me as we were walking I could see this cute baby with his mum dancing to the music they both looked cute together. I took a big bite of my waffle YUCK! It tasted like a cone. When we left I said to myself “I’m never eating waffles again.”

The next day my aunty heated up the food that we got from the night markets. It was food that I had never tasted before. It looked delicious. So I got a spoon and a plate and took a little bit out of the container. I had a little nibble “hmmm this is nice” I said.

I had many different experiences  while my mum was away, like going out at night,meeting different people,coming to know them and the new food that I ate.

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