Thursday, 26 July 2012

My Mangere Mountain Recount Story

It was Tuesday the  23rd of July, we were getting ready to get on the bus to Mangere Mountain. When we got there I thought “ this it?” But as we were getting closer, I could see the beautiful view of Mangere mountain and all the different kinds of gardens.
It was time to head inside, so I quickly put my bag down in a corner then went to go sit next to my brother Cypress.

Next we went outside to have a look at the different medicines. We had to go in a group of three people. I went with Salome and Haina. When Moana told us to find the medicine she said to find. Our group ran quickly to find it.  When we found our plant we wrote the meaning down and wrote what it was used for. Then Moana said to tell them what your medicines were for. Our group was first. When we were finished with that rotation, we went to the next rotation. That one was the TOOL MAKING!

It was fun! First we rubbed the river rock against the sandstone, then we plaited a piece of flax which sam got to keep (not fair) and then finally we went to scrape all the fibre off of the ko. When we finished that I didn’t want to leave but I had to. We had to go to the Mara Kai (food garden) some people got a ko to use to dig up all the hard soil. Then they would had to give the next person a turn.

After all the hard work we had done, we then got a chance to walk up the mountain. It was pretty tiring once you were walking up the stairs. Once we were all up on the mountain, we were all puffed out. When it was time to go we all ran down the mountain having fun. When we were all on the bus I fell asleep while all the other kids were laughing and shouting at each other.  That was such an exc day!

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