Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Your VS You're Task worksheet T1W4

Your VS You’re Task

Name: Chasity
1. Eat your breakfast first.
2. Tell them what you’re doing next year.
3. Where is your brother?
4. Count your money before we leave.
5. If you’re coming, go get ready.
6. Does your mom work?
7. Remember to bring your sister with you.
8. You’re a great singer!
9. Where are your friends going?
10. Tell the teacher you’re sick.
11. Who is going to your house?
12. You’re such a fast runner.

Use your or you’re
Worksheet 3
Today for homework I did the Your VS You're homeworksheet. It was pretty easy!.. Please leave comments below with feedback & Feedforward.

Your= It belongs to you!
You're = A contraction for You + are = you're

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