Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Grammarnastics Completed Task: 1

WALT: write speech marks into this story

Speech Marks

The English Lesson

It was Tuesday morning and I’d just walked down the stairs. “Have you done your homework asked my Nan?” “Oh no, I forgot!” I said. I felt worried because I knew that my teacher, Mrs Williams, wasn’t going to be very happy with me and might shout! When I arrived at school I went to first lesson. “What’s wrong with you Tyler?” my friend asked.”I forgot to do my homework last night and Mrs Williams is going to be cross,” I said

After break I walked into my English classroom. Mrs Williams was waiting. “What’s the matter Tyler?You look upset.” she said. “I’m very sorry Miss,” I said “But I haven’t done my homework.” “Why?Tyler” she asked. “I don’t know Miss, I just forgot,” “Well at least you’re honest Tyler and not telling lies!” Mrs Williams said. “If you finish it by tomorrow you won’t have a detention.” I felt much better!! “Why did I worry in the beginning?”

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