Friday, 14 June 2013

Charday & Chasity's Persuasive Writing

We are Responsible for the rubbish at our School

Dear : Principal of Tamaki Primary.

This needs to be dealt with. We think that we’re responsible for the rubbish we've produced.

Firstly the rubbish at our school can cause attraction to rats and mice which means diseases that could spread around the school. This also won’t affect just us but also the community around our school , which will also mean parents won’t get to work to make money to support their families and people will end up staying home sick.

Secondly if the wind blows the rubbish into the drains. This will mean the
drains will get blocked and we will have to get our school to pay a huge amount of money to try and unblock them. Do you want this to happen?

Our main reason is that our beloved caretaker Koro has to stay at school to try and pick up rubbish that we have left behind and that will mean he won’t be able to go home and spend time with his family. These are our reasons for why we think we should get rid of our rubbish.

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