Thursday, 30 October 2014

(Chasity) Explanation - Why should we care about E-waste

..The effect of E-waste..
Have you ever thrown away an old cellphone or some other kind of electronic item? I know that some people have, and I don’t think they've ever had a thought of what’s going to happen to it next. Does it end up in a landfill? Does it get reused? Does some part of it decompose? Does it get recycled? See, I don’t know the answers to these questions, but, do you? The problem with e-waste is that it’s fast and hidden in this world. I will be telling you about the cause of e-waste, the problems surrounding it, the people and places it is affecting, and the effects of e-waste are consequential...

Where this Problem is occurring?
Let’s start off this explanation with this. People want money. It’s true, but by people, I mean the engineers and manufacturers that build up the products that we buy, but it doesn't end there! The money goes to them, and we are left with the toxins and the chemicals that are just waiting to come out sometime during its usage. We should be caring about e-waste because if we didn’t, money would go to the wrong people, who may be doing the wrong thing!

Who it’s Affecting?
It’s fair to say, that e-waste is affecting us. We are affected in a way. We should be caring for the environment around us. This is because people from other countries are shipping abandoned and unwanted electronics illegally to other parts of the world. For example, Guiyu, Ghana  and some places in India or Syria or any other places that could possibly be part of the e-waste management crisis in this world of ours. This results in not only workers who are at risk of death, but also us. This is because not only that we are throwing away old waste, but that we are increasing the amount of new waste, which is affecting people that are living in the environment. Getting poisoned from the toxins and chemicals of the product, risking their health. Is this a way of treating others?

Who it’s effecting?
Onto our last paragraph, now, we I mean I will say this. The effects of e-waste is between life and death. In Ghana, people, even if they’re not working in the factories, are being threatened by chemicals in the air, disturbing their way of life. The people who actually work to make the product are being affected, with blood pressure going off the rails, increasing their chance of...death. Then, there’s us. The buyers, consumers, the people who give our own money to get what we want (maybe a computer, a phone, perhaps), and not only that, the product we have bought started out as bits and pieces from mines and nature environments.


In conclusion, e-waste is causing problems in different parts of the world. This is why we need to be careful, and take responsibility of our electronic waste.

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