Wednesday, 27 March 2013

My Autobiography

This week I presented my autobiography in front of my class. There are some personal information I have deleted because I am being cyber smart.
In my presentation I shared interesting information about my life, inspirations and future aspirations.

Who am I?
Hi my name is Chasity. The meaning of my name is “Purity” which means I’m not very violent around my family or friends.  My name is Latin Origin which is a language from the europeans. My mum and dad both chose my name because they thought it was beautiful.  My culture is Maori .I am proud to be a maori and to be myself.

Timeline in my life:
The worst memory that I have ever had was seeing my popa pass away. It was the most terrifying thing in my life. In  2011 (which was 1 year ago) I received my first netbook . It was the most memorable thing that happened to me in my education history.

Steps to achieve my future aspirations
I want to finish off year 7 and begin college
- Start college and make sure I am good in all subjects so that I can be a good leader for my family and graduate from college.
Reach my goal to become a professional Tennis Player (might).  or become a police woman.
I will go to university to start my journey in becoming a police officer of my other aspirations.
I will keep training until I get there
I want to be 22 when I achieve my aspiration.


First of all my mum. My mum has always supported me in my entire life. She has been by my side ever since I was little. My mum has always been there to encourage me to be my inspiration and what I want to be in the future.  

Some other people that have helped want to my inspiration are my friends. They encourage me to learn from my mistakes and become a reliable person. They are people that encourage me to be the person I am now. My friends are my friends that help me get to my inspiration and aspirations.

Third of all my family. My family have always been there to encourage me. They have encouraged me to work hard and get a great job. That’s why I want to become a policewoman in the future, so that I can protect my family and other people in my city.

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  1. Nice autobiography ...... very proud of you keep up the good work daughter!!