Friday, 19 October 2012

My Narrative T4W1

As I took one step onto the tightrope. My legs started wobbling. I tried to stop it, but it was just too strong. I started walking closer and closer to the end of the tightrope. I told myself “Don't look down”. I couldn’t help it so I had to look down. “Man wasn’t I high in the sky”. I said to myself. I looked over to the end,I wasn’t far. I just needed to walk a couple more steps to the end. I took one step, then I took another. “Wooaahh!”. I said worried. “Feww, that was close”. I took two more steps.

“Ahhh!” I screamed. I had fallen. But luckily I was still holding onto the string. “Oh no”. I began to panic. “Please somebody HELP!”. My hands started slipping. I shouted out one more time. “HELP!” no-one could hear me. I said it one more time, this time in a louder voice. “HHEELLPP!”
I heard a voice. I looked over and saw a man. This man had long brown dreads. Black and white sunglasses and a yellow t-shirt and black jeans on. “Hold on” he said. He slowly started walking towards me.

Once he was there. He took one of my hands and pulled. We were up. The tightrope started wobbling. The wobbling was so strong we both fell off the rope. We fell deeper and deeper into the hole. It got darker and darker as we sunk down and down. You couldn’t see anything. As we hit the bottom. I stood up and looked to my left. I saw a light in the distance. We ran towards the light. It got brighter and brighter as we ran towards it. My eyes felt like they were ready to melt. 

We walked through the hole in the wall. It was amazing. We were looking out at the outside where we were about 20 minutes ago.
I looked at him and he looked at me. We both had smiles on our faces.

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