Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Me and Aeshia's Persuasive Writing.

Arbor Day!

We at Tamaki Primary think that cutting down our trees are bad,we should be thinking better for our future because if we cut down our tree’s more than how will we breath,we should think of electronics that are better for our future like for example our netbooks we use them and so on that means that we aren’t wasting our trees.
Without trees how would we have oxygen and inhale carbon-dixon.

Saving the trees, I think is good and it means that we are being conversational.
If we save our tree’s,we can believe in the future generations in life.
Some europeans would cut down New Zealand’s native trees, New Zealand’s native tree’s mean a lot to us but every time you people have to cut them down.

I think saving tree’s is a better thing as well because what is better than paper. Also I think that people should stop cutting trees down because in the past there was more than 100 Native forests around. But now there is only a few native trees in New Zealand. I mean why do people have to cut down Native trees.

Second reason: I think that people should stop cutting trees down because the more trees they cut down the less native trees we have in New Zealand.

Bad Points-
I think it was bad for the europeans to wreck our land to build their farms and such other businesses.
It was bad that the europeans would just cut down New Zealand’s natives trees unannounced because it makes a nuisance for the council when cutting down the trees.

1.Why do you think we should have Arbor day?
2. Do you think that Arbor day is a great thing to celebrate?
3.What is Arbor day mainly about?

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  1. Hey Chasity you have persuaded me to think twice about cutting down the trees. I think you have learnt heaps about how to save trees because you have a lot of information.