Saturday, 12 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Far beyond the edge of the world a candy land comes to life. If you take one step into my candy land your veins will start to giggle with excitement. There are heaps of amazing things in my beautiful place like floating treats, lollies sticking out from the ground and candy houses that are made out of candy. If you come closer I will tell you more about my candy land.

Treats are floating around as though they are balloons. Flavoured gummy bears are huddling around like they are penguins. The leaves off the lolly tree are flying like birds. Beautiful butterflies bounce between blue flowers. The steam from the waterfall rises higher as the water dives into the shallow water.

Birds are singing sweetly as if they joined a church choir. Flavoured fireworks boom and bang as they burst into many different fruit flavours. As it starts to rain gum balls you can hear them hitting the ground.

You can smell the flavoured fire works as they burst. The sweetness in the air is from all the treats and lollies that have been floating around in the air. The beautiful flowers make you feel all happy inside. When you walk into the candy cafe you can smell the yummy strawberry ice-cream that they’re making.

The strawberry flavoured firework tastes delicious because of the sweetness in it. The marshmallow delight melts into your mouth. Chocolate roof from the candy cafe. I can taste the candy that is on my candy land and all the treats that’s on it.

Stickiness on the lollipop when you lick it. When you climb the lolly tree you can feel the chocolate on it.

This beautiful isn’t just a beautiful place it’s my beautiful place.

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  1. I was hooked from your very first sentence Chasity. I really like the way you used alliteration in the sentence "Beautiful butterflies bounce between blue flowers." This made your description really fun to read. Well done.