Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Buddy Writing-Welcoming Tonga.

As I drove into the airport I could hear people screaming out “Chee-Hoo!” Lots of Tongan supporters were singing the marvellous National Anthem to welcome the Tongan Rugby Team.I could see flashes from people’s cameras.There were strangers dancing around

When I saw the Tongan Rugby Team come through the door, they looked stunned to see how many people had arrived at the airport.When the Rugby Team started their Tongan Haka, everybody there were so amazed and excited.People were wearing red and white clothing to support their country and flag.

News reporters got demolished from all the kisses and hugs they got from the Tongan people.I was exhausted from standing there in the sun.I was stunned by the sea of red, white and brown.I couldn’t see because people were crowding around the Tongan Rugby Team.People were squashing me like I was play dough.I saw lots of red and white face paintings crowding around me.

I could hear people beeping their horns as they zoomed past waving their flags in the breeze.People were lining the streets shouting out “GO TONGA! YAY!”

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  1. This is really !AWESOME! Chasity and Jennifer. Love it. Keep up the good work and maybe one day you'll become a good writer.