Friday, 17 June 2011

The Earths Layers

W.A.L.T:make a model of the layers of the earth out of play-dough

So...that when we learn about natural disasters we can use our knowledge of the layers
to understand them better. us in topic and science and learn about the earth around us.

The crust
Did you know that the crust has 7 tectonic plates that hold the land and sea.It is about 15-75 km thick.

The mantle
Have you ever wondered about the mantle? Did you know that the mantle has 2 parts, the upper mantle and the lower mantle.The upper mantle is 400km thick and the lower mantle is 2300km thick which is more dense than the upper.

Outer core
Did you know that the outer core is liquid? It contains iron,nickel and sulphur .The outer core is 2300km deep. On earth, sulphur is a soft yellow rock that comes from a star, when a star dies out.

Inner core
The inner core is solid. It contains iron,nickel and sulphur.The temperature of the inner core is
6650 degrees Celsius. It is about 1220km thick.

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